While I as yet appear to have no readers, I suspect this is in part because of the relative secrecy of the blog and my upcoming voyage.

Secrecy? you will one day ask when you do stumble upon these pages, Secrecy? Whyfore?  My dear reader, the answer is simple.  There are a great many people who may not be totally excited to hear of my leaving.

For example, my father, a sometimes excessively overprotective individual who is quite certain that leaving my current job will somehow doom me to eternal starvation.  Also, my bosses, who have graciously hired me into my current position, where I enter and groom virtual information.  All day.  Sometimes while speaking to angry people in Spanish.  My landlady should of course not be left out.  She will be finding out about her intense need to find a new tenant for her house in approximately one week.

As I will no longer be employed upon my return, or at least will not be making nearly as much money as I make working for corporate (which is a fair chunk considering the fact that I am twenty-three and have only acquired my B.A.) one of my primary concerns in preparing for the trip has been how to cut living costs.  To this end I have paid forward on my school loans, so that hopefully I will not be required to pay again on them until my return.  I have also cut down on most of my expenditures that are not such basics as food, gas, and insurance.  Well, I still occasionally buy books.  I have an addiction.

I also plan to be changing my birth control to a generic, and will hopefully be acquiring a roommate upon my return. 

So, to recap, please view my to-do list for the next two and a half months:

– Inform my landlady that I will be leaving.
– Straighten up/Show my apartment to potential new residents.
– Acquire gear for my trip (including a backpack from which I will be living).
– Acquire a rail pass.
– Figure out what I am taking as gifts to those who are allowing me to sleep on their floor/couch.
– Inform my bosses that I will be leaving.
– Train my replacement.
– Pack up my apartment.
– Preferably find a potential new apartment.
– Acquire a 4G capable phone with data plan so I can travel Japan without being totally without phone/mapping capabilities.

All while working 40 hours a week and trying to keep up with my writing!

Oh the things we do to ourselves, yes?