On Friday I made my way to the lovely streets of downtown, where my friend Diana was holding my pack at her work.  It is an Osprey women’s pack, Ariel 65, and usually runs about $270 or so.  I got it for $150, because Diana’s store was running a sale.

65 indicates that this particular pack will hold 65 liters of stuff, i.e., 65 liters of my life which I may wander about Japan with.  It’s not the biggest possible pack, but I’m not the biggest possible girl and don’t really foresee needed to live out of it quite as thoroughly as if I were on a true backpacking expedition.  Still, I must admit I’m panicking.  True honest panic.  My boyfriend-of-awesome-outdoorsy-skills promises that we will go on an overnight sometime within the next couple of weekends to help alleviate some of my distress and teach me how to pack the damn thing, which is apparently an art.  It is sitting in my hallway and I haven’t touched it.

It doesn’t help that I’ve been totally unproductive, minus my pack acquisition, for several days. My apartment may have possibly gotten less clean this week? The boyfriend is out of town tonight for a Chili Peppers concert in Greensboro, so I am hoping to use this as an opportunity to fix that by cleaning!  Soon, my apartment will be appropriate to receive visitors, and one less stressor will weigh upon me.

Oh, also, this week is the week I talk to my boss.

Fun stuff.