I decided today would be a good day to look back at my list, since we’re officially under the two month mark.  That has been true for two weeks, but I decided today would be recap day.

So, to recap, please see the below.

– Inform my landlady that I will be leaving.
– Straighten up/Show my apartment to potential new residents.
– Acquire gear for my trip (including a backpack from which I will be living).
– Acquire a rail pass.
– Figure out what I am taking as gifts to those who are allowing me to sleep on their floor/couch.
– Inform my bosses that I will be leaving.
– Train my replacement.
– Pack up my apartment.
– Preferably find a potential new apartment.
– Acquire a 4G capable phone with data plan so I can travel Japan without being totally without phone/mapping capabilities.

How have I done so far?

Well, beginning at the top, we can check off talking to my landlady, informing my bosses…and that’s really it.

My apartment cleaning is a work in progress – more updates on that I’m sure – and acquiring the gear is also a multi-stage event.  I got my pack, which is good, but I still need a raincover for it, possibly a cover for checking my pack, and power adapters.  These will probably also require posts shortly.  The rail pass should be purchased this week, which will knock out my biggest pre-Japan expenditure and insure my future mobility through the islands.  Gifts and additional trip planning are still in progress, I currently have no replacement to train, and the hunt for a new apartment is slow going and honestly not that urgent to me since my boyfriend has promised I can crash in his bed when I get back if I need to.  Not that squatting in my boyfriend’s apartment will be remotely healthy for our relationship in the long term, I am sure.

Today, my friend Evan and I journey to the Verizon store, since that is my service provider, there to acquire an as-yet-undetermined cellular device that will help me to keep this blog updated whenever my travels conveniently lead me to a wifi spot and keep my parents updated within the limits of my soon-to-be-purchased international service plan for the month of June.  My goal has been to have a good $5k to rebuild my life when I come back, but I hypothesize that I’m going to have to skim a little off the top of that to get through the next week of purchases.  Should be no big deal, as I hope to put it back with my next three paychecks.

Update complete! Over and out!