It is not a town by the sea,

but, like all towns, it has

one in it. A quiet sussuration

of wishes that ebbs and flows

like the tides. A city really,

with spreading lights that extend

for miles. A cold wind blows if you

are uncareful, cascaded across the waves

to catch your hair, and so severe

it may startle you, for this city is warm.

It is warm the way the Atlantic is warm

which is not too far from here,

only a few hours, and salty with

the earth and the gulls hang thick

in the air and sing their gull songs.

It is green like the water and flat like the beach

until you reach the waves of mountains

rising up and up, unstoppable. What

I am saying is, this city, so full of breathing

minds, holds a thousand worlds, like a tidepool

or a deep, but I have found myself dreaming…