I am not going to miss working ridiculously late, I will be honest.

That being said, let’s take a moment to talk about job security. It’s nice to have a job. It’s nice to have a steady paycheck, and more than that, to have money left over to save. It’s one of the things that worries me about my return, even with the buffer I have in savings to keep me from being homeless and other such unfortunate things.

One of the things I am working on to guard against possibly using all of that money over the next few months is diversifying my income. I put a couple of ads up on the local Craigslist for copyediting and proofreading services, among other things. They’re things I know I could do for side cash, cash that might let me go out, save up, etc. I’ve also got a few feelers out for jobs that might be open around the time I’m coming back. A reporting position at the local newspaper opened up, for example, and I am going to try to apply for that. Everyone has to start somewhere.

And that’s a lot of what I plan on doing. I want to start, or restart in this case, adulthood. I am making good money at my current place of work, but I don’t particularly feel fulfilled. Too many spreadsheets, not enough meaning, I suppose. It’s hard for me to get worked up about things like cosmetics or self-preservation. Counter-intuitive, I know.

In a year I want to go back to school, too – well, a little over a year actually. I don’t really know what I want to do still, and if things work out with my writing career I might let that go for a bit longer. But at some point I would indeed like to study things. Maybe developmental economics, maybe fantastical literature. I can’t say for sure.

A lot of things are up in the air now, and I think for now that’s how I want them, job security or no.