This week has been quite regrettably long.

I spent Monday working on writing projects that might pay me money, and Tuesday foundering through my return to work. Wednesday I spent with a friend looking at another writing project. Thursday I worked my job, then worked some more from home. Yesterday I was so exhausted that I fell asleep promptly at 8 pm (after leaving work at 7) and have done little but sleep since. I got a message back from an agent interested in my work, which has prompted furious editing of and old novel project she is interested in. Today I have eaten, read, slept, and not much else.

In other news, I heard from Victoria verifying that the days I was planning to stay with her are good. She’s actually going to be stateside soon, but she lives on the west coast so we won’t see each other until I land in Tokyo and somehow make my way to her house. I got my Railpass in the mail, or the slip for it I will need to show at the airport. The apartment is still horrid.

All in all a long week. I promise less rushed updates soon.