As of today, I have thirty days at work, and 33 days before I take to the skies and land on the opposite side of the planet.

It’s funny to think about, going to the opposite side of the planet. Originally, it would have taken months, years maybe, to get to Japan, if you made it there at all. Now, it will take me 24 hours. Most of that time I will hopefully be asleep.

Go figure.

So, as expected, I’m freaking out because I have a month to move out of my apartment, break in my pack and my walking shoes, and attend my cousin’s wedding. In the interim, my mother keeps trying to insist on taking me to the airport. Since I already told my boyfriend he was taking me, as I’ve told her about ten times, that’s not going to work out. She even went so far as to suggest that she could get a motel room for all of us. One room, mind. I told her that would be awkward and I wasn’t comfortable with sleeping in the bed with him right next to her. Obviously.  My mother can get sort of ridiculous.

In any case, once that was finally resolved, my mother became obsessed with visiting. So, today, we had lunch with my grandmother on their way to the doctor’s office.

I live in a fairly rural area, so if you want any sort of specialized medical care you have to come to my city. My parents live about an hour away by way of the interstate, and my grandmother a bit further away than that. She is coming to see the neuro-optomologist, assuming I spelled that correctly. Anyways, we had a lunch that consisted of me telling my mother to calm down several times as she tried to give me orders about how to take care of things, her telling me that she was coming up for the entirety of Memorial Day weekend apparently to move me out, and my grandmother cross-examining me about why I thought it was a good idea to live out of a backpack for a month. They also both forced me to eat about twice as much as I wanted to eat. These are the reasons that I don’t go home as often as I probably should, but each journey becomes a trial in endurance of my own personality beneath the onslaught of so many freely offered opinions.

Still, I love my family, and next weekend I will be on my way to the country to watch my cousin married and celebrate Mother’s Day. Which means this weekend I really need to accomplish something besides reading five books and sleeping a lot.