It may surprise you to know that life doesn’t stop with Japan.

I know it’s something I’ve been trying to convince myself of. I need some sort of plan for when I return but I don’t know what the plan is. It has caused me no small amount of stress. Trying to come up with a job for July has been difficult if not impossible, not only because I’m essentially applying for a job two months in advance but because I don’t actually have time to really hit the ground running with my search. Add to that my fear that they’ll want my to interview while actually in Japan and you can understand my concerns.

In the interim I need a place to live besides my boyfriend’s bed. This is a work in progress as well.

My potential future roommate told me she would be coming down to apartment hunt today, which is good since I feel like having a lock on a place would make me feel more comfortable. So this afternoon we should be journeying about with pen and paper and a weather eye out for rent signs. Here’s to hoping we find something promising!