I have decided that blue is not a bright enough color to capture my excitement. Therefore, I have changed my blog to orange.

My weekend, or end of the weekend, with Johana the Future Roommate and Dog the Demon-Eyed was, by all accounts, a success, though it left me a little frazzled. Johana the Future Roommate likes to talk a great deal and it has been some time since I socialized with anyone who carried on such extensive conversations merely for the pleasure of it. Not really my style. I tend to be more verbose on paper, and only speak when I have something to say. But part of the reason that I think Future Roommate and I will work is because she is so much more extroverted.

I walked Dog the Demon-Eyed down to the neighbor’s house on Sunday, and everyone assured me that he seemed a very calm and collected dog-sort. Dog and I seem to get along. We’ve found several apartments that will allow Dog residence, which has been the sticker in our apartment hunt. Now I just hope those several apartments will allow us to move in on July 1st. Otherwise I will be paying a month’s rent without living there, which would be lame. Maybe I could get away with only paying the rent and not the utilities for that month?

I’ve been playing phone tag with a few of my potential landlords/ladies, which is annoying. I work from 8:30 to 5 at the earliest (5:35 and counting today) and usually when I get off work all I want to do is something enjoyable, like reading a book, riding my bike, or at least cleaning my apartment so I don’t have to deal with a stinky kitchen. Instead I must continue making phone calls. I tell myself that I am willing to endure, but I would rather be digging post holes in all honesty.

I complain a lot for someone going to Japan. I’m so happy.