Okay, to begin let my just say that I fail to see how sandals can ever be waterproof. That said I’m excited about these shoes.


I’m on lunch break in my car because it is raining a good amount. Hopefully it will not rain this much in Japan, if only because I would like some decent pictures. I don’t mind a good shower but it has literally rained all day which is a whole other thing.

I spent Friday coming up with a semi-final plan for my Japan trip. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Hadn’t she done that already? What has she been doing? I assure you I ask myself the same questions every day. Honestly I’m never quite sure what I’ve been doing. Such is life.

Anyways the list is mostly solid, minus some emailing to different hostels and ryokans, so I will be providing that to you shortly. It’s crazy how few days are left. Is anyone else getting excited??